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  • Tips for Grading

    As the most important Martial Arts grading of the year is looming next week, it is important to be prepared at IMC. Below are some tips to give you the edge and hopefully send you on your way to a successful grading. 1. First and foremost Sensei Robbie and other instructors are there to help and guide you, their advice especially at this time, is invaluable. If they recommend that you do not grade or that you need to do more training, before you grade, you should take this on board as they have had many years of experience and in all cases want what is best for their students. 2. Now is the time to use that valuable tool called a syllabus, read it! Know what it is you ....

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  • New Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class Liverpool

    Due to the increased numbers in the Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program at IMC Liverpool, We will now be adding a new addtional Kids class on Saturday's 12pm-12.45pm at our Liverpool location. This class will start this Saturday 23rd November. Please let us know if you will be attending this class BJJ class. IMC Liverpool ....

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  • IMC Presentation Night

    IMC Presentation Night

    End of year Prestation Night. All students will receive their belts, awards and dinner. Tickets must be purchased at reception. Cash Only. Sells out fast so be quick All students to wear full Uniform. click the link to see our event page ....

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  • How to Lose Weight and Learn Self Defence at the same time!!

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Health Survey in 2017-18 an incredible 67% of Australian adults are overweight or obese! That’s 12.5 million people that should be reading this article. For many of these people however, the idea of getting fit seems daunting and that simply comes down to having the wrong perception of what “getting fit” actually means. For people who are overweight or obese, finding the right exercise routine often involves choosing one boring gym over another. But losing weight can also be a fun experience which can open up a world of opportunity to try something new and give you the confidence you need. Maybe ....

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    Many of us sign up to the gym with a vision of getting fit and slimming down, only to find motivation quickly drops away, and so do the results. If you have struggled to make a regular gym work for you, perhaps it is time to give Martial Arts a try. Here are a few reasons why this way of working out can actually deliver the changes you have been looking for: 1. Community The gym can more often than not be a solitary endeavour. Martial Arts is quite the opposite. Martial Artists work together to achieve their goals, to share success and encourage each other. You will find you become friends with people at your Martial Arts school, even if you’re more used to ....

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    Have you just started or are you thinking about starting BJJ classes? At IMC, we love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and we think everyone should give it a try. There are some huge benefits from consistent BJJ training like stress relief, getting a great full-body workout and learning practical self-defence skills, all while meeting great people in a friendly environment. But if you are just starting out, like anything else, it can be intimidating. So here are our insider tips if you’re new to the sport. Create good habits The most obvious one is just get yourself to training. Remember that no matter how bad your day has been, going to your class and getting in a workout will ....

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    As a parent, these are some difficult words to hear. Martial Arts has probably been a part of your daily routine for a while and to hear that your child wants to just quit can be difficult. The truth is, 99% of the time children want to stop training for 4 main reasons, and simply addressing them at home can turn their attitude around. Why your child might want to quit Martial Arts and what to do about it? The first reason and one of the more common ones you’ll hear is that your child is “bored”. A child that is bored will often enjoy a bit of a challenge. Luckily, Martial Arts is challenging enough that we have a few options. We would recommend ....

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  • National Anti-Bully Day Blog: How You Can Create Confident & Bullyproof Kids

    National Anti-Bully Day Blog: How You Can Create Confident & Bullyproof Kids

    As parents, there is no way you haven’t considered the possibility of peer violence or bullying happening to your children. Bullying, the undesired aggressive behaviour in school aged children about power imbalance among them, is one of the leading fears of children and parents right now. On that note, you as parents would of course want to protect your children. But you cannot be at their side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to protect them. However, there is way in which your children can be protected from bullying and that is by means of Martial Arts training. Remember that the first level of Bully Defence is PREVENTION. This involves educating your child, acknowledging ....

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  • Sports Minister Visit

    Sports Minister Visit

    IMC was honoured to have The Honourable Sports Minister Stuart Ayres at our school yesterday. He was here to visit our school and talk to parents about the Active Kids vouchers and to see a Martial Arts demonstration by our students. Was an amazing experience and we are very grateful to have had the opportunity. ....

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  • National Day Against Bullying

    National Day Against Bullying

    BULLY FREE ZONE IMC will be taking part in the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. We will be holding classes to teach kids how to beat the bullies. Date- Saturday 16th March in normal class times. Bring a friend or family member & learn how to defend. ....

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