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Tips for Grading

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As the most important Martial Arts grading of the year is looming next week, it is important to be prepared at IMC.  Below are some tips to give you the edge and hopefully send you on your way to a successful grading.


1. First and foremost Sensei Robbie and other instructors are there to help and guide you, their advice especially at this time, is invaluable. If they recommend that you do not grade or that you need to do more training, before you grade, you should take this on board as they have had many years of experience and in all cases want what is best for their students.


2. Now is the time to use that valuable tool called a syllabus, read it! Know what it is you need to know and find out what it is you are unsure of, long before the grading so you can perfect your technique and be prepared.


3. Ask your instructors questions, not other students, not Mum and Dad. You wouldn’t go to a mechanic and ask whether your tooth is rotting!


4. Come to training consistently, if you are in the advanced class come to the intermediate classes as well and take advantage of the Black Belt Club for Extreme Forms.  Practice at home, 2 hours a week training is not enough especially at the higher levels.


5. Eat healthy and keep hydrated.  On the day if you are running wear good shoes, don’t forget the sun screen.


6. Remember that this is a high level grading you cannot walk off the floor and come back on.  If you have an issue talk to the instructors.  There are curve balls at this grading, things you might not expect, this is to see how you cope whether you can handle the stress. This is a Martial (fighting) Art be prepared for the unexpected, as in a real life situation.

7. Arrive early, warm up and prepare yourself mentally.

8. Make sure you are wearing full uniform


9. Remember whether you pass or fail you must live to fight another day.

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