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Coach Paulie 101: IMC Liverpool Interview Series

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Coach Paulie 101: IMC Liverpool Interview Series

Coach Paulie Collier 


When you started training at IMC, what style did you begin training in?

The style I first began training in was Kickboxing in July 2012.


How old were you when you started at IMC?



What is you favourite style or class to train in?



What do you like to do when your not at IMC?

I like to listen to music and usually get out my Harley Davidson every chance I get.


What is one of your favourite memories?

Winning the ACT ISKA tournament in synchronised Kata with my daughter Destiny. It was awesome to compete in the same sport as my child.


 How many pets does your household have?

2 Dogs.


What is your favourite place you have travelled to?

Thailand trip for the IMC training camp 2019 to Koh Samui.


What is your favourite colour?

Red and Black.


What are you looking forward to when IMC reopens?

Teaching and seeing all the students again. IMC is one big family and I miss that.

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