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Carlos B.

The place is the bomb! great people.. they have this little person that stands at the desk and greets you, her name is maggie haha but she has a massive heart, and the place isn't a team, its a family, full of great people that love to fight and train themselves to the limit, thanks to the family down there at IMC for helping me out at my lowest and congratulating me at my highest

Michelle C.

The staff at Busby IMC are professional and friendly. Our daughter loves her classes and constantly talks about karate to all her friends and family. She recently achieved her first yellow belt and I think this is a day we will remember for a long time. Very special. We especially love the leadership programs they offer to students. The instructors are very talented and clearly have a love for the sport they teach and they inspire this in their students.

Rachel C.

I travelled to IMC liverpool with my club in prep for a tournament, from the moment you walk in the door You are greeted so warmly by every person an instructor, it was an absolute pleasure to work an be apart of the experience and will deffiantly be back in the future. Thank you to everyone at IMC liverpool for welcoming us into your family.

Rowena M.

I have tried alot of different classes etc over the years of varying sporting fields. And as a female on my own and over 30 I was so nervous about my first class. But I have to say the teachers, the staff and other participants in BJJ and kick boxing have been unbelievably welcoming, friendly and helpful. I recommend to all especially any girls out there who always wanted to try but felt scared or intimidated It couldn't be more opposite! At a time in my life when I needed empowerment more than ever, so thankful to IMC.

Kylie J.

Very friendly and welcoming my daughter enjoyed it very much

Andy P.

Great training environment! Everyones friendly and very welcoming!

Amar M.

My shy little daughter started karate 6 months ago, she is the most Intelligent young lady iv ever seen, now she has come out of her shell!!!!! and actually speaks to everyone she was always one of those shy quiet and never spoken to anyone girl, if your son or daughter are like that karate is a good option for them.... my daughter goes to bed each night and dreams about tomorrow's karate lesson YEP SHE'S LOVING IT.... also the staff there are just a big spot on ......

Chris E.

Very great experience for children. Enjoy every minute of karate when I am here. Also a very good stress reliever.

Gerard M.

I've been training there for a few years, has been good experience in relation to receiving the best martial arts experience to learn & grow as an individual in addition to great staff service.

Kierien G.

One of the best experiences of my life i love training here 4 times a week two classes a day the people here are fantastic an the coaches are amazing i highly suggest that people should join its the place too be


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